Corporate Responsibility

Project Recruit takes our corporate social responsibility seriously. We are dedicated to supporting local organizations and nonprofits. One of our favorite charities to support is the Sunrise Association.

The Sunrise Association

The Sunrise Association provide memorable summers in the form of day camps and year-round programs to bring back childhood pleasures to children struggling with cancer and their siblings. Children are sent to camp each year free of charge, which is possible based on donations. Our founder, Connie Rinaldi, was introduced to Sunrise Association back in 2018 by a dear friend of hers. His son was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer and his family had become closely tied to Sunrise Association. Connie was immediately drawn to their mission and their goal to care for each child in need. Pediatric cancer affects nearly 16,000 children annually. Connie immediately fell in love with what Sunrise offers children – an escape from a terrible reality and the opportunity to enjoy their childhood freely.

Connie’s passion for Sunrise has spread throughout the whole team and everyone at Project Recruit has made it their mission to promote and educate about Sunrise every opportunity they can. We’ve raised over $18,000 to send three children to camp and we’re not stopping there. Each year our team raises money for the annual walk located at Sunrise’s Wheatly Heights campground on Long Island.

Please contact us to learn more if you’d like to join us in our mission of supporting Sunrise Association.