CANDIDATES: The Importance of Establishing Priorities in Your Search to find the Right Opportunity

What does the “right fit” mean at Project Recruit?

At Project Recruit we focus on delivering the most qualified candidates. A part of our process is determining what the right fit means for the firm we have partnered with. From that, we create the ideal candidate profile and go to market to obtain the right talent.

How does this impact you as a candidate?

After we have the firm’s ideal candidate profile, we search based on those factors. After finding candidates that align, we develop a relationship with the candidate to determine fit.. We also discuss what the candidate is seeking in their next role and the organization. How do you know what your right fit is? Here are questions to ask yourself as you engage on your search. 

  1. What are you looking for in terms of work-life balance?

Are you seeking a firm that is more family-centric or one that boasts a high-pressure environment? Do you enjoy  a formal, more traditional environment or do you prefer a more casual one? Do you desire a firm that offers a hybrid schedule or a fully remote opportunity?  Or are you a candidate that would rather be in the office daily?

Determining what is important in your work-life of a prospective role will help you get a sense of whether you will like what they have to offer. 

  1. What are your salary expectations?

Compensation is a critical component to any employee.  Where does it fall on your list of priorities? In your next opportunity, how important is salary compared to other “must haves” such as location or work life balance? Evaluate your experience and what you are thinking of in terms of salary to assess what your salary expectation is.

 There sometimes is a misconception in revealing what your salary expectation is that it will compromise you in a potential opportunity.  The old adage in negotiation, “he who speaks first, loses.”  However, that is not the case in your job search.  In fact, the opposite is true.  By being open, honest and transparent with respect to your expectations can only be helpful as you and your recruiter search for your next best opportunity.  Don’t be afraid to speak about your worth.   And if salary is not your most important factor, it is OK to say that.   

  1. Where are you willing to work?

Location can be everything to some candidates when it comes to their next opportunity. Do you prefer a short commute to ensure that you are home timely after a day in the office or court? Likewise, do you not mind a longer commute if a firm aligns with your culture/salary expectations? 

We find when a candidate can identify what points determine their “right fit” it will lead to their happiness and longevity in a new opportunity. At Project Recruit we want both your happiness and the prospective firm to be happy and transparency in everyone’s right fit determines this. 

Whether you’re just beginning your search or in the middle of a job search, establishing 2-3 must haves.

These are just a few examples of priorities to consider when creating your “Must Have List” for your next opportunity. Try choosing the most important 2-3 factors for you and do not compromise on them. When you stick to your must-haves you will be much happier with the end result.

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