Delivering your most valuable asset:

The best law firms invest in their people to drive success. Project Recruit can help your law firm by delivering your most valuable asset- the right people.

About Project Recruit

Project Recruit serves law firms across the U.S. who are searching for top talent to fit perfectly in their organization as well as candidates searching for their next legal opportunity. Representing both sides ensures that everyone’s needs are met and that it’s the right fit for all. There’s no forced relationships or dead-end positions, because we’re committed to the best outcomes.

Our Mission

At Project Recruit we have learned the key to every successful business is its people. No business can achieve its greatest potential without a dedicated, talented, and engaged staff. To be successful, the people in any business must know that at work, they are valued employees and respected. And as a result, the company thrives, grows, and prospers because of its engaged, happy, and productive workforce. Project Recruit was founded on the principle that a successful business starts with a solid foundation and grows from there. Putting the right people in the right jobs at the right time, keeping them over time, and allowing them to grow with your business is the difference between the average business and great companies.


Project Recruit’s mission is to help fast-growing law firms become more productive and highly profitable with the power to attract and retain top talent.

We employ the principles of candor, communication, and transparency in every relationship, whether on the client-side or candidate side. These principles have been the foundation of our success since our inception.

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